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  • Savannah Agro-tech Machinery Expo will offer you the opportunity to meet on the same platform with world leaders in the agricultural sector
  • The opportunity to see important companies from the domestic and international sectors together in a global platform in your own country
  • Easy access to the product that you are searching with its substitutions among plenty of varieties, and to select the best option by having the advantage of comparing the properties of the products
  • Attain the future with new technology, new method and new products, create opportunities to precluding rivals by providing information share.
  • Provide opportunity to establish new business connections by providing meeting between exhibitors and domestic and foreign companies who are willing to make investment on the stated sectors.
  • Provide information transfer to producers with the upcoming training seminars and therefore develop the perspective of sector members
  • Observe presentation methods and the products of the companies carried on business and revise the corporate image
  • Having knowledge about competitors and provide an advantage to compare products, methods and price policies of the companies.
  • Providing an opportunity to introduce people, companies, products and services to institutions, organizations and companies participating in the fair.

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Get our 2018 SAME Expo Brochure

Download our brochure and, get to know more about the 2018 SAME  Agricultural  exhibition

Get our 2018 SAME Expo Brochure

Download our brochure and, get to know more about the 2018 SAME  Agricultural  exhibition

Get our 2018 SAME Expo Brochure

Download our brochure and, get to know more about the 2018 SAME  Agricultural  exhibition

- What To Expect -

Areas to be hosted in Savannah Agro-Tech & Machinery Expo (SAME) 2018


The exhibition is open to all players in the agriculture industry from public, private, representatives of farmers’ organizations and commodity associations, policy makers, the research and development community, academia, processors, traders, donors, financial institutions and the media.

Discipline Details Participants
Agrochemicals Fertilizer and manure zone: Fertilizer, manures and their appliances,

Crop protection zone: Plant and animal protectants such as Pesticides, herbicide,

Insecticides, Animal health zone: veterinary drugs among others

Fertilizer miners, blenders, handlers, trader, distributers, Research institutions

Pesticide manufactures, trader, distributers

Poultry farming Core Markets, Disease Control  mechanisms

Production Cost on breed types, Poultry cages/houses, Poultry feeds, nutrients,

Poultry & Seafood production, Poultry breeds

Research firms/institutions, Poultry Firms, Financial firms, Market firms

Veterinary firms

Seed and breed Genomics, breeding, biotechnology applications, breeds, varieties and seeds of crops,  livestock and fishes

Seed machinery (dryers, sorter, dressers, quality analyzes etc.)

Reproduction procedures and equipment: semen and AI, embryo transfer, cloning

Research institutions, Vegetable, fruit and flower seed companies, Dairy, fish, flower, fruit firms etc.


Agricultural machinery Tillage, irrigation, harvesting, agro-processing machines, driers, storage, cold rooms and refrigerator, handlers of produce, agricultural structures such as housing, green housing cages, Equipment manufacturers, trader, distributers. Research institutions

Farms, Government representatives

Agri logistics Food packaging machinery & materials, & materials, Filling & sealing equipment, Printing, labeling, bar coding machine, Counting, weighing & capping machine, Feeding machine, Soft drink bottling & packaging equipment, Refrigerating equipment, Canning machine & equipment, Vacuum packaging machine & equipment., manufacturers and suppliers of conveying, storage and material handling and lifting equipment, Logistics and warehousing farms

Machinery Manufacturers and distributors, Food manufacturers and packagers


Industrial agriculture Oils, spices, stimulants (coffee, teas), sugar

fibers (cotton, sisal, jute, silk), leather and its products, Brews, wine and spirits

Research institutions, Industrial oils (e.g. lubricants, paints, biodiesel etc.) edible oil companies,
Agri Labs Laboratory equipment for soil, feed and food analysis; lab supplies Research institutions, Government Institutions
ICT applications in agriculture Software and associated hardware: e.g. electronic and control systems in manufacturing, Automated machines, Sensing in precision agriculture for ploughing, spraying, harvesting, irrigation, auto-control of greenhouses, guidance systems and machinery, Robotics, Management, modeling and decision support systems Research institutions

Software firms, academicians, researchers, engineers, innovators/developers, students and companies, Technology users/farms


Horticulture Flowers, fruits and vegetables, seed, fertilizers, handling, packaging and processing technologies Research institutions, Firms, Sales Agents, Packaging firms
Food & Health Food nutrition formulas for different ages e.g. baby foods, and diets for patients, Food supplements, , exercise, fitness, sport and stress care related products and services, natural health products, healthy cooking, natural foods and organics,  etc. Health food manufacturers, Distributors (Brokers, importers/exporters)

Healthcare Practitioners Natural food stores, Health & lifestyle consultants

Beauty and anti-aging products

Sporting firms, Pharmaceutical packaging machine

Food and drink Raw and processed and packaged meat, Poultry, Seafood, fish, dairy, grains, beverage (coffee wing, tea wing, chocolate wing), nuts, fruits, vegetables, wines and their technologies, Poultry & Seafood, Food & Beverage etc. in the Packaging Materials, Meat, Poultry & Seafood, Food & Beverage, Wine & Spirits industries,  Fine foods e.g. pastries Research institutions, Manufacturers, buyers, retailers, chefs, restaurateurs,  Pastry chefs
Green energy and environment Biogas, biomass, solar, hydro, wind applications, waste management, forest products, climate-smart technologies in agriculture and energy Government representatives, Government institutions



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